I’m Sally Doty, a 7th generation Mississippian, a lawyer, a Mom, a small town girl from Brookhaven, and a State Senator who gets results in Jackson, Because I’m not afraid to put in the work.

We’ve started turning this Country around, but there is much more to do. The stakes are high—our national debt is over 20 TRILLION, the 2nd amendment is under attack, and Washington can’t seem to function themselves, let alone do anything about it.—Enough is enough.

That is why I’m running for Congress. I’m a reformer with a track record of holding people accountable and passing common sense conservative legislation. As a state Senator, and a mom, I know first-hand how hard it is to balance a budget. Washington can’t continue to play games with our seniors, military, or our children. The time for crisis management is over, we need real conservative leaders who can pass a balanced budget, reduce the deficit, and PUT AMERICA FIRST.

I led the charge to reform campaign laws to drain the swamp in Jackson. When Mississippi had the highest rate of teen pregnancy, I was one of the only people willing to say—we can do better.

I’ll stand with President Trump to roll back regulations on small businesses, reform entitlements, and cut government spending, just like I have done in the Mississippi Senate.

If you trust me to represent you, I promise to fight to protect our military and veterans, stand up for our farmers and rural Mississippians, put in the work, and defend our special way of life.

I look forward to traveling across this District, from the Piney Woods of Southwest Mississippi to the Red Clay Hills in the East – listening to what is important to you. I ask for your vote and support in the Republican Primary on June 5th.

So we can – get Washington back to work, FOR US.