National Deficit:

Every family in Mississippi is forced to balance their budget. Why not the federal government? I support a balanced budget amendment.

Jobs and the Economy:

We must continue to free entrepreneurs of overbearing federal regulations and allow them to innovate and create new and higher paying jobs.


I support the President's agenda to end chain migration, end immigration lotteries, and secure our borders.


We need to completely repeal Obamacare and enact healthcare reform that restores competition, makes pricing transparent, and brings down costs.


I believe that the role of the federal government in education must be limited as we return control back into the hands of parents and teachers.


The first job of the federal government is to protect our country and keep us safe. We need to invest more in our military and ensure our brave men and women in uniform have all the tools, equipment and training they need to protect us around the world.


I believe that we owe it to the brave men and woman who risked their lives to protect our freedom to ensure they get the best quality care and services needed.

Rural Broadband:

You are not going to have economic development, 21st century healthcare, expanded educational opportunities, or workforce and job retraining without quality, high-speed access to the internet. This will be an issue that I work on to cut down on the federal regulations restraining reliable access in our rural communities.

Workforce Development:

I want to increase opportunities for skill-set development and access to workforce training to create more and higher-paying jobs for hardworking families across the third district.